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Summer Blu

Added: November 23, 2011 | Runtime: 17:05 | 276 Photos
Summer Blu is basically an innocent chick who shouldn't be doing porn, but by some weird twist of fate, she thinks sucking cock is going to fix her problems. In all honesty, sucking cock is where the problems begin. I try to tell these whores over and over "Is this what you want to do?" and they say "Yes, I'm sure no one will see it." I'm like, "Wrong!" Well, she got down on her knees because I was tired of hearing her mouth go. It was like a moth flying around my porch light. She started sucking the cock and she must have worked it good because Big Red was twitching like that guy from that show "Spin City." Big Red took her head and shot his load in her mouth. Her eyes got teary like she was eating a lemon. Maybe Big Red had something zesty for dinner. It's not like I follow the dude around. Anyways, she played with the cum with a look on her face like she was eating a bug. She swallowed it like a good whore, and I told her to rethink her career.

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