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Star Baby

Added: August 25, 2010 | Runtime: 21:03 | 205 Photos
I wonder if these broads just shuffle around typical porn names and throw 2 together. Star Baby, come on, now that's cheesy. Regardless what's in a name, what really matters is what she can do with her mouth... This ditzy blonde can suck a dick. It starts out with her getting off with some stupid toy that looks like an electric toothbrush, then down on her knees, and onto the business at hand. She put her hard earned trailer park skills to work, getting the cock nice and sloppy. Worked it up until the cock exploded its love pudding in her mouth. Star Baby then proceeded to play with her food, then ate it. Usually stars are in space, in this case there is space in this star... an empty head filled with ether and 1 big Load... Cheers whore.

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