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Added: May 4, 2011 | Runtime: 15:16 | 100 Photos
This teenaged "Bowl Cut Beauty" with some regrettable tattoos isn't too shabby. She was a bit shy most likely do to her low level social awareness. Which is the same awareness that gets crossed over into the bedroom, or couch in our case. So basically you have this rented mule and have to rent it and train it... Pfff. So in her cock sucking training, she actually turned out to be a decent student. It was probably her looks that helped. Let's face it, even a lot from a pig, ain't worth a wink from a hottie. Go hot or go home. Her young novice mouth was eager to learn and to please. When the student is ready, the cock will appear. She was ready and willing. Learned her lesson well and got a snack at the end. All in all it is one to grow upon... or at the least fap fap fap off to... Peace, Renaissance Red.

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