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Kelly Klass

Added: October 13, 2010 | Runtime: 20:53 | 287 Photos
Klassless Kelly in this new exciting episode of Sperm Suckers. Well, it's alright. I whistled to Justin Beaver who was out in the parking lot on his roller blades wearing short shorts... I don't know about him, but told him to come in to get his dick wet anyway. Kelsey or whatever her freakin' name is, she is one of those broads that suffer from diarrhea of the mouth. The only known cure is to put a cock in it. So to help her and the world from her babble we did just that. She did have some nice blue eyes while looking up with a dumbfounded expression. So easy enough on the eyes, and a pleasure between the thighs. She kept the cock wet and stimulated the entire time. Then, once twinkle toes was ready, he shot an adequate load into her mouth. Kelly must have acquired some class from this interaction because by the end she was sipping on cum with her pinky out... Salute you Fucking Slut.

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