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Jenny Hamilton

Added: February 2, 2011 | Runtime: 20:14 | 212 Photos
When it comes to getting sucked off by grandmothers, Jenny is very easy on the eyes. Mrs. Hamilton has held up well, which I can't say for all 40-somethings. The last one I came across had dentures and skin like a raisin. That's not the case here probably 'cause Jenny never sucked on Satan's Glass Cock. Finding a hot classic like Jenny is like finding some old lady with an unmolested '67 Fastback Mustang. They maybe out there but becoming more rare by the day. Nonetheless, it's her wet mouth we are concerned about here at Sperm Suckers. That was no letdown either, she brought wisdom from her ages to the art of fellatio. Jenny was sucking that cock like it might be her last, and it very well could be with our throw-away society. In my book, Jenny earned her right to more cock in her future. So gentlemen, if Jenny ever asks you for your cock, do grant her the pleasure, for it has been earned. In true lady-like form, Jenny got her just dessert, of man pudding, played with it, and swallowed with a timeless smile... Cheers Granny!

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