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Jamie Elle

Added: June 29, 2011 | Runtime: 21:46 | 225 Photos
This 95 lb Quasi beauty is really 90 lbs, with 5 pounds of make up on. Look at that shit, do these whores go to Clown College or what? Your make up instructor today will be TS Betty... pfff. Alright now onto some Cock Snarfing. You could see her abs "Crystal" clear. So her body wasn't bad at all. It's nice to get some skinny ones once in a while, their becoming more rare than Bigfoot, with all the fat fucks around these days. Being that she was a waif she got tossed around into a couple positions, by the Jersey Devil..aka Red. She took it deep when she was on his shoulder, the veins in her forehead looked like rivers on a map. Pretty neat looking, if you ask me. Then onto the Nectar of the Gods, probably the most nutritious thing she ate in years. Red did his charity work for the week. Feed the starving whores, will you. She didn't waste a drop, waste not ,want not. Now get the Fuck Out Hoe....Enjoy My Friends

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