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Evelyn Jacobs

Added: June 1, 2011 | Runtime: 20:06 | 158 Photos
Evelyn was actually a breath of fresh air. She was pretty and didn't come in with an attitude or bruises from a pimp. I know that sounds like a pretty low standard, but hey this is professional cock sucking. There's not exactly any standards. You got a mouth, you got a job. She had a purdy mouth at that, not much in the titty department, but that can be overlooked in Sperm Suckers. Sperm Suckers, where their mouths are warm and the jizz is served cold. Ev was an enthusiastic knob polisher, she didn't neglect any of the parts. Getting even attention to the often neglected ball sack. Her bedroom brown eyes looking up with a sparkle of bliss in them. Nothing like a cute broad that shows signs of life by inserting your cock in her mouth. She eagerly caught the warm load in her mouth and played with it, 'til it became lukewarm and ready to swim around her tummy. She took it like a seasoned whore. So cheers biatch.

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