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Cum Hungry Whores Play With Jizz Before Swallowing It At Sperm Suckers! - Sperm Suckers

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Added: July 7, 2010 | Runtime: 29:03 | 202 Photos
I know that chicks that suck dick for a living aren't known for their work ethic, but geez. Dora sucks, and not only cocks, just sucks period. She even remarked that she doesn't suck her husband's dick. Dora is one of these modern broads that think everything should be done for them. Bitch maybe when there was a dowry involved, but if all you bring to the table is a stinky twinky and a bad attitude, you ought to hop back over the fence you came over. So Justin used the vibrator on her, she didn't like that. Then she gave horrible head, he didn't like that. You'll have to see the ending, I won't give that away... Cheers!

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