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China Dahl

Added: October 29, 2009 | Runtime: 24:22 | 708 Photos
China Dahl is actually a Facial Abuse tap-out, but she didn't want to go home. I guess she couldn't take the mental aspect of it. She was definitely not able to take the psychological onslaught that we give these whores. So she said, "Can I do something less hard?" I said, "Sure." So we did Sperm Suckers. However, I kept asking her why she is doing this, and she kept saying, "We need the money." I eventually got her to realize that he doesn't love her, and that he is a deadbeat. She realized it too, and began to cry. I didn't give a shit. I hear so much bullshit from these whores day in and day out. I feel like a detective being told a sob story from a junkie. Anyways, she's a whore, and she sucked a cock while being in love with another man, which is so fun to watch. It's like these little stupid whores sell their last shred dignity on a dirty picnic table at a garage sale in a trailer park, and don't even realize it. Fuck her, and her stupid ass lame, jobless boyfriend.

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