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Amy Lee

Added: April 13, 2011 | Runtime: 15:56 | 104 Photos
Amy Lee Really? Well maybe I'll play "My Immortal" while I watch this. This is the porno dollar store version of the original. Well anytime you have the brown hair, blue eyed combo it's usually pretty cute. Let's say good enough to get off with. She's a young lady with some firm titties and a quiet mouth. Nothing wrong with a woman that knows when to open her mouth(for cock), and when to keep it shut (all other times). This little portly pig sucked the cock properly and earned her snack from the ball sack. She caught the load in open awaiting yap. Then she played with it and finally ate it. All very obediently. So with that, I gotta give her a thumbs up. So today Amy your stock goes up, the only job that your doing well by sucking. Now I'm going to have this pig clean the toilets while she's here... Do Work Whores! Do Work!

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